We have pure honey collected by our bees in the East Tennessee Valley and on the Cumberland Plateau. (Anderson and Morgan Counties in Tennessee). Rosecomb Apiaries Raw, Natural, Tennessee Honey is produced by our bees from plants in our area using sustainable beekeeping practices.

Straight from the combs of our colonies: Raw, Natural, Tennessee Honey
Straight from the combs of our colonies: Raw, Natural, Tennessee Honey

Our Raw, Natural, Tennessee honey is produced by bees and the plants in our area.

Raw honey is not heat pasteurized or finely filtered to remove the natural pollen, propolis, and wax found in honey. Unlike highly processed, commercial honey, our raw honey has all the flavors and ingredients the honey would have if you removed is straight from the hive. Raw honey can crystallize and thicken, but will never spoil.

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Natural honey is free from added man made syrups or other sugars not produced by the bees and the plants they forage on. Bees produce honey by collecting plant nectar and removing the moisture so that it will not ferment and can be stored in their combs, making a completely natural stored food.

Our Tennessee honey only comes from bees we manage here in Tennessee, so you know you are getting honey produced by area plants bringing the flavor of tulip poplar, locust, clover, sourwood, sumac, maple, and other wildflower plants to your table.

We use only sustainable beekeeping practices to ensure a future exists for our honey bees and their honey remains free of beekeeper introduced contaminates. Our sustainable practices include using only organic methods for parasite and disease control and bee breeding (stock improvement) for natural parasite and disease resistance. Each spring, we divide our own colonies and raise new queens from our healthiest colonies to replace lost colonies. The yearly winter loss of colonies in the US is about %30 and we replace these losses by producing more bees ourselves so we know the source of our bees are also produced with sustainable practices. By purchasing Rosecomb Apiaries honey you can be sure you are supporting honey bees that have a future providing pollination to area wild plants and gardens not only sustaining their own population, but also the future seeds of our surrounding landscape we call home. Learn more about how we care for the bees on this page.

One pound of honey in glass jar with gift bag.