Bee Pollen

We have locally collected bee pollen from our bees in Anderson County, TN. This is collected during early April till late in the Fall. The bees collect pollen from flowers in addition to the nectar used to produce honey. It is frozen the same day it is collected, so that it remains fresh and retains some moisture. It has a pleasant flowery taste and a soft texture, instead of the hard, dehydrated pollen sold commercially. Freezing it helps retains the nutrients in this pollen. About a teaspoon a day is usually recommended as a nutritional supplement. Eaten plain, with honey, or on a smoothy are all suitable ways to enjoy local pollen. Pollen is very plentiful in our area and the bees can collect much more than they need. We ensure the bees keep enough pollen for themselves and we can enjoy the surplus they produce.


Want to learn more about how we collect bee pollen? See the Science Fair experiment we did to check how collecting bee pollen affects the colonies at this link.

Freshly collected bee pollen ready to be bottled.
Freshly collected bee pollen ready to be bottled. The bees collect pollen into these pellets by packing them together on their legs. The different colors indicate different kinds of flowers that were being visited.