Bee Supplies in Stock

Bee truck with frames
1,000 deep size frames, assembled, from the Dadant Frankfort branch

Pulled in the driveway the other day with nearly 3,000 pounds worth of beekeeping equipment. Luckily, my dad helped with his truck as well. This last delivery fully stocks my beekeeping supply garage. I now have extra of just about everything I use, so if you need to stop by in Clinton, TN to buy some equipment, or pickup at the next Anderson County Beekeepers Association meeting, just let me know. Price list.

Here is what my bee truck looks like with 1,000 assembled frames and 1,000 one pound honey jars. The cab was stuffed. Next time, I’ll use side boards for loose boxes. All you can really see in the pic is the frames. This is a long bed truck, which is handy since it will fit two standard size pallets and you can still close the tailgate. I just gave it a wash before setting out.

Shiny 1986 F150, with a long bed fully loaded